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So I’m back, and mainly Huntering at the mo by noileum
April 19, 2013, 6:06 pm
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berol - 40

Well since getting a Scroll of Resurrection I’ve leveled a Warlock to 89 3/4 on a PvP server, transferred an 80 Warrior to that server (and not played him). I’ve also leveled my Shaman to 90 and then not played him since and am now working on my little Panda Hunter.

He just hit 40 last night, and I managed to grab Phalanax so I’ve got a nice rare tanking pet.  I’ve been mainly questing with a Golden Eagle so far and I have to say I’ve liked running with a Bird of Prey. I’m going to grab an undead eagle this evening I think, and stick with him until I either find a different rare pet to tame or get to Howling Fjord so I can tame a Bald Eagle.

Playing Berol is a nice change from the Shaman, and as I’m back on PvE server it’s a lot more chilled out (not that I saw many alliance over on the Warlock). LFD groups have been easy to find, usually taking about 10 mins to pop at the most and I’ve usually found myself just below the Tank in 2nd on the DPS charts which is nice.



I think the next Alt is going to be a Tank of some sort, and I’m going to probably level them just through LFD when I want to save rested XP for Berol once I get to Outland. Not really given much thought on what race\class yet, however having leveled a Paladin to 5 getting them to Stormwind to be another bank alt I really don’t think I could handle another 10 levels solo until I get access to LFD.

I’m also really loving what Japski has done with his Hunter, soloing dungeons at their intended level and would like to give that a go at some stage but that would mean rolling another Hunter, as I’m just loving steamrollering over the content with Berol too much to take the time to do this at the moment.

Heading back to WoW by noileum
April 18, 2013, 9:29 am
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NOTE: This post was supposed to be published a month or so ago but I left it in my drafts folder. I’ll update where I am now later today

Well I built a new PC this weekend, which means that I can actually play PC games again now as my aging macbook pro wasn’t really up to the task anymore and lots of hardware issues. I’ve got a pretty decent gpu and cpu, so I should hopefully be able to manage with it for a while before it’s time to upgrade.

After getting it put together, and the OS and updates on I logged onto to see if I could simply download SC2 and D3 or if I had to dig out the discs and found myself re-installing WoW and signing up to the 10 day MoP trial. I played a Pandarin Monk through to joining up with the Horde last night and man it looks a lot nicer on Ultra settings (and in the new areas).

I’m not sure if I’m eligible for a Scroll of Resurrection, but if so I’m going to try to get one on a nice evenly balanced (English) PvP server so I can make a new UD Lock. This was one of my first classes back in Vanilla WoW, and I loved it so I think it will be nice to go back to a pure DPS class.

I’ll probably keep the Shaman over on Aggramar at least for a while so I have somewhere to head to if the PvP-ness of leveling gets to me (but having played on a PvP server for quite a while and leveled a few toons there I should hopefully be able to handle it)

Just need to have a browse through the realm forums etc and then see where I want to live once I re-sub . . . . .

Diablo is down by noileum
May 25, 2012, 2:48 pm
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Well the game’s beat, on Normal at least.

Last fight took two attempts, with the 2nd one involving a bit more running away and switching out a skill or two. Still had a less than optimal spec but managed fine.

Hoping that the next difficulty will present a lot more of a challenge to be honest

WD is now around 33, going to give up to Skeleton King a run tonight on him to see how much harder it is, then maybe do some co-op

Act II Down – time to Alt a bit by noileum
May 21, 2012, 10:52 am
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So finished up Act II last night and think I ended up around level 25 or 26.  Playing around with rotations etc left me for the most part doing


Have Garguantuan out (and any dogs that circle of life has spawned)

Move in and Soul Harvest

Grasp of the Dead

Locust Swarm as I get the fuck out of the middle of the mobs

Dire Bats what’s left


Anything that’s outside the main clump of mobs I lob some Firebombs in their direction which usually sorts them out.  It’s pretty enjoyable for the most part, although the hard part is deciding on what skills to use.  I wasn’t too impressed with the big toad (exploding frogs seem much better), Zombie Charger still doesn’t really float my boat, so it’s really a toss up over Dire Bats or Exploding Frogs to deal with mobs once the DoTs are on.  I think I’m happy with Firebomb over Poison Dart at the moment, although most of the builds I read about or see on youtube seem to have the opposite.  I’m pretty sure I’ll need to focus more on survivability once I get through Normal difficulty but until then I think I can probably manage with out Spirit Walk and the damge reduction passive.


While the WD has been fun, after finishing up Act II I decided to properly start an Alt.


I was set on having a Melee alt and thought I’d start on the Barbarian.  Plan is to get both the Barb and the Monk through Act I and then maybe redo the last quest\boss a couple of times with different specs to see which playstyle I prefer.  So far though the Barb is pretty fucking awesome.  Just leap into a group and then smack the shit out of them !

All in all it’s a nice change of style from the Witch Doctor, and I think I’m going to properly alternate between them.  I’ll get the Barb through Act I, then do Act III on the Witch Doctor, then Act I on the Monk.  This should have given me enough experience on the two to see which I want to concentrate on as my main alt.

I’ll try to get some pics of my dudes this week, as wall of text is boring (for the 1 or 2 people that read it)

Act 1 Done – and level 18 by noileum
May 18, 2012, 11:55 am
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Finished up Act 1 last night, had a couple of deaths on the Butcher while I worked out the mechanics of the fight (and realised that the healing wells respawned). Have to say I’m not super keen on the aesthetic of the Act2 early areas but the challenge certainly ramps up a nice little bit.

I had a few more deaths while playing around with new spells\skills but finally settled on this tactic for most groups of mobs

open up with couple of Haunts (consuming spirit rune for life leech) on random mobs
once surrounded Soul Harvest (runed with swallow your soul for the mana gain)
Grasp of the Dead (eels rune for more damage) to keep people in the same place and get the dots ticking
chuck some exploding toads or a big old spider queen down to get the damage really ticking

This usually is enough to blaze through most packs regardless of what’s in there. Making sure to Spirit Barrage & Haunt anything that stays at range.

If it’s just a couple of mobs I’ll haunt and spirit barrage them (with toads for good measure once they come close) and Grasp of the Dead in the path of any other groups in view on the screen to slow them down and get them weakened.

I really want to get Spirit Walk in the mix but until the next slot opens up I just don’t know what I’d want to drop. I have to say that restricting the amount of skills you can have to 6 is both annoying as hell and awesome. While I want to use everything, this does make you think a little more and actually tailor your build to something that suits your playstyle more.

Gargantuan, Fire Bomb and Locust Swarm are all around the corner and will hopefully get unlocked this evening. Again it’s a struggle to see what I’m going to drop to take them, but they’ll most definitely get put on the action bars at some stage.

So far this game is easily exceeding my expectations, and I can’t wait to get through the normal game and start on the alts and public games.

I do like Soul Harvest, and try to cast it once I have more than a couple of mobs in range of me, as the damage increase is very noticeablek

2nd night of DIablo by noileum
May 17, 2012, 3:16 pm
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Managed to get on and play D3 again last night for about 1.5 hours or so. Stuck with the Witch Doctor (thought about starting my first ALT but was enjoying the WD so much I stayed with him) and got through the Skeleton King and onto the next part of the story line. To be honest I’m not sure where I finished the night quest wise, but just before I logged off I hit level 13 but didn’t get chance to give the new abilities a play.

I was mainly sticking with Corpse Spiders/Grasp of the Dead/Poison Dart for most of the damage, and Soul Harvest when I was surrounded. I did swap in Firebats for a bit but preferred the utility of Grasp of the Dead.

I’m going to switch it up a bit tonight and try out Dogs\Firebats\Toads\Haunt to see how I get on, especially as I’ve not really been overwhelmed by mobs that many times yet.

It’s been a while . . . . . . and D3 is here by noileum
May 16, 2012, 10:16 am
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So it’s been almost 18 months since my last post, and that’s been spent with no WoW.


I was pretty much fed up with WoW before hitting 85 to be honest, and once I got to 85 I thought I would enjoy the end game but it wasn’t to be.  I simply couldn’t be arsed to play it, I had no inclination to level another alt, or explore the new areas so I cancelled my account.


Now Diablo 3 is here though I’m back playing a Blizz game and with some luck will hook up with some old friends from WoW and get back to having fun.

Playing as a Witch Doctor to start with, going to get through normal with him (prob solo) and then start on a Monk and use him for grouping with friends/randoms.

Had just over an hour playing him last night and think I logged off in the Cathedral at around half way through level 8.


I had played the open beta and got a couple of characters to around level 5 so I knew where I was going for the first 45mins and didn’t bother with the quest lore etc.  That’s now changed and I’ve found myself paying more attention to the quest text etc as I don’t want to just blast through it all (group runs will be a lot faster with no time to stop and listen\read the lore so I don’t want to miss it all).

I haven’t really done anything regarding planning out skills/builds etc, the WD will be purely played for fun and I’m not going to be interested in Min\Max ing (at least to start with).


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